Monday, June 26, 2017

Junior Achievement Classes in Traverse City

Ferndale, Michigan – Credit Union ONE Branch Manager Michelle Kilinski of Traverse City just completed teaching two Junior Achievement Classes in June. Michelle taught 19 First Grade students once a week on Monday’s in Megan Wolf’s class at Blair Elementary, and 20 students on Thursday in Sarah Mooney’s second grade class at Blair Elementary.

The first grade theme was “ JA Ourselves “ which focused on the value of work, choices, giving, along with earning and saving. The second grade class learned the “ JA Our Community “ a program which focused on learning about different jobs in a community and how money moves through it, along with how people work together, and how taxes work and what that affords a community. With her first time in the program Michelle stated “ I had a JA class in middle school and it really left an impression on me, I see the lack of financial education across many backgrounds and ages, and I want to help people learn and not be scared of all things money” Michelle stated. “ I was glad that I could work out the time commitment and the teachers schedule as both classrooms were wonderful students”.